About Us

quienes somos lomag
We are a company that provides services as an international marketer, international logistics, merchandise storage in Colombia, distribution of merchandise in Colombia and marketing advice products from Colombia in the national and international markets. Therefore, we have highly qualified personnel with more than 8 years of experience in the foreign trade and logistics sector, facilities adapted to the constant flow of wholesale merchandise, both refrigerated and dry, suppliers with high levels of production and quality standards with certifications such as SGC (quality management system), ISO 9001 and HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points).

Our Mission

the company provides import, export, logistics and storage services, where our customers are a fundamental factor in the negotiation processes that are carried out with a high promotion of values ​​such as excellent commitment, honesty and support of our human resources committed to fulfill with a good service.

Our vision

in 2023 we want to be a consolidated and recognized company in the marketing and / or distribution of Colombian products nationally and internationally. contribute to the development of the Colombian industry taking them to their deserved recognition for their quality, innovation and price competition.

Our goals

establish relationships in accordance with collaboration, cooperation with suppliers and customers. Satisfactorily comply with quality, excellence in our services and products; constantly learning and adapting to the highest standards of the national market as an international market.